Boost your Health Plan with VetsDigital

Is your Health Plan falling a bit flat?

Give it an injection of life with our Health Plan booster package! 

As households tighten their budgets, subscription services will be top of the list to be cut back on.  As vets, it’s important that we make sure pet owners aren’t cutting back on their pet’s health. 

If you’re already offering a health plan, you’re already at a head start! As well as helping owners budget for their pet’s preventative health, ensuring happier owners and healthier pets, a health plan has huge advantages for your practice’s bottom line.

Why does a client on a health plan typically spend more?

  • The client is more bonded with the practice 
  • They are more aware of their pet’s health 
  • Your client is more likely to contact the practice for advice 
  • They are more likely to trust your vet’s recommendations 
  • These pet owners are more likely to have pet insurance alongside the Health Plan so are not restricted financially when it comes to treatment options.

Most businesses know that the easiest way to increase your revenue during difficult times, is to ‘sell’ to your existing clients.

And this is no different in a veterinary practice! How many of your clients are on your health plan? We would estimate, no more than 30%. So there’s plenty of space for increasing your health plan signs ups, securing the bond with those clients and helping them to plan for their pet’s preventative treatments whilst increasing your monthly guaranteed income.

Let us help increase your Health Plan Sign Ups with our Health Plan Booster Service for only £249 per month*

  • A monthly email or SMS to your existing clients who aren’t on plan, encouraging new sign ups 
  • Posts on your Facebook and Instagram linking back to your Health Plan web page. Promoted with Paid Ads to reach more pet owners and drive traffic to your Health Plan sign up page.
  • An additional monthly email to your clients on your Health Plan to remind them of all of the great benefits and reinforce the value of the plan.

Or try our Health Plan Boost+ Service which includes all of the above PLUS:

  • Google and Bing Ads to drive traffic to your Health Plan web page
  • Weekly Social Media posts to reinforce the value of your Health Plan to help reduce cancellation churn.

Health Plan Boost+ is £349* 

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    An active and well run plan means more happy clients and more healthy pets!


    *monthly cost does not include Facebook/Instagram/Google or Bing Ad Budgets.