VetsDigital Live Chat

Online messaging for your practice managed by our RVNs

VetsDigital Live Chat is an instant online messaging service integrated into your website, providing another communications channel for your web visitors to contact you.

Our RVN customer service experts respond instantly to client queries on your behalf, in your tone-of-voice, as if we were simply an extension of your team. Questions regarding services, pricing, general pet care advice, as well as appointment booking, can all be handled by our Live Chat team weekdays between 7am and 10.30pm. All Chats are documented and transcripts are sent to the practice at the chat conclusion.

Have your Live Chat handled by experienced and qualified veterinary staff  – contact us for more information or try it out now

By having Live Chat on your website, you can:  

  • Save at least 25 hours of staff time per month.  
  • Reduce pressure on your front of house staff. 
  • Visitors have access to instant responses from an RVN.  
  • Assure pet owners’ concerns and provide triage or direct them to emergency service without a telephone conversation.  
  • Offer a popular communication channel for clients to contact you.  
  • Aid clients to help themselves with appointment booking, prescription requests, referrals and more!  
  • Have conversations aligned to your business goals, such as encouraging pet health plan registrations.  
  • Build trust and rapport with otherwise anonymous web visitors.  
  • Avoid missed calls and save time on messaging and call-backs.  
  • Be available to help pet owners when your competitors are not.  
  • Allow clients the time to discuss sensitive topics such as euthanasia in a way that suits them.  

Sarah explains how our Live Chat service works

“VetsDigital Live Webchat Service makes a huge impact every day for our staff, by answering our client’s questions over the Chat platform, assists in reducing phone calls which then frees our staff up to give more time for our patients”

-Kylie, Sydney Animal Hospitals

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