10 tips to find the best digital marketing agency for your veterinary practice

The right marketing team can help your practice flourish in a highly competitive industry… But how should you approach the search for your perfect match?

  1. Consider your goals

What do you want your marketing agency to help you achieve?

And what does success look like to you?

Your team can help you define this, particularly when identifying KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure your progress.

It’s essential to have a clear overall idea about what you want from your investment.

  1. Set a budget

Understanding your budget is essential to securing the best possible return on investment (ROI) for your practice.

Investing in digital is always a good idea, but it’s important not to invest beyond your means.

  1. Do your research

There are so many digital agencies out there, many of whom are ready to promise the earth without first understanding how they can deliver the outcomes you want to achieve.

So always take time to research your options, as this is the only way to find your perfect fit.

  1. Do they understand the veterinary industry?

As the veterinary industry is very technical and the levels of service pet owners are looking for are very high, seeking out an agency owned and operated by individuals who understand the sector in depth will always be a major advantage.

Better still if they have qualified veterinary professionals on the team or on retainer!

  1. Do they understand your practice?

If an agency can’t demonstrate an understanding of your ethos, values and goals, they aren’t the right team for you.

It’s as simple as that.

  1. Do they offer regular reporting and reviews?

If the answer to this question is: “no” then you need to look for another team.

The best agencies offer monthly and/or quarterly reports and reviews as standard.

These reports are important because they will help you see how well your strategy works for your practice.

  1. Obtain a detailed proposal.

When investing in any digital service, you need to know exactly what you can expect to receive in return for your investment.

The proposal you receive should contain plenty of detail and clearly explain how your digital team will help your practice achieve your goals.

  1. Ask lots of questions.

Reputable digital agencies WANT you to ask lots of questions.


Because they relish every opportunity to shout about their services and achievements.

The right team for you will always be willing to go above and beyond to show you how their approach is the best fit for your practice.

  1. Read testimonials

We all know how important online reviews and testimonials are when it comes to making any significant purchasing decisions.

And this extends to the products and services you are using to grow your business.

Look for digital agencies that have collected a good number of detailed testimonials that focus on specific features of their service.

  1. Review your contract

Pay particular attention to whether you will be tied into a contract for a long period of time.

It’s often best to work with digital agencies that offer fully flexible contracts because flexibility allows you to react as necessary in what is a very fast-paced online marketplace.

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