10 Top Tips to Attract Top Talent to your Veterinary Practice

Recruiting staff isn’t always easy for all veterinary practices and at the moment it seems as though it’s harder than ever before to recruit new veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses.

Here are a few tips from our digital experts to help elevate your practice’s employer branding in the search for veterinary talent.

  1. Visual branding is key

Branding is what will give you a strong, memorable visual identity and allow you to instantly communicate your values and your ethos. So use your logo, brand colours and unique tone of voice on every recruitment advertisement you post online. Facebook and LinkedIn are platforms that can enhance your recruitment strategy, particularly when using paid social ads with personalised eye-catching imagery that will appeal to your ideal candidate.

  1. Invest in a modern website

Claire says – ‘Think of your website as your shop window for both new clients and new staff. If your website is easy to navigate and clearly establishes your practice’s unique identity, you’re going to find it much easier to form key connections with the right people’

  1. Include a careers section on your website

Creating a dedicated space to highlight your current vacancies and showcase what it’s like to work within your practice will encourage more applications from top, highly qualified talent.

Our friends at The London Cat Clinic do this very well as you can see by clicking here

  1. Showcase career progression opportunities

Charlotte, Senior Account Manager – ‘In order to attract highly motivated talent, you need to demonstrate how your new hire(s) could progress within your practice over time. You could create case studies that focus on staff who have progressed through their career with your practice.’

  1. Share ‘meet the team’ posts on your social channels

Sophie our Social Media Manager says ‘Even something as simple as sharing a picture of one of your team members alongside a short quote explaining what their favourite thing about their job is can make a  significant difference to the quality of the applications you receive for open vacancies. Remember, your team are ideal influencers for your practice and they can help to boost the number of applications you receive simply by being passionate about what they do and where they work.’

Here’s a great example from Hall Courts Vets

  1. Celebrate milestones and achievements

When your employees reach key milestones within their role, achieve something noteworthy, or go above and beyond in any way, make sure you shout about this on your website and across social media. Your teams want to be valued and it’s down to you to make this happen.

  1. Go behind the scenes on social media

Ines, Social Media Manager suggests getting creative with videos on social media. ‘Showcasing what goes on behind the scenes at your practice is an incredible way to give both your potential clients and your potential new hires a deeper understanding of how you work and infuse your values in everything you do.’

  1. Highlight social events and team days

Teamwork is so important as your team should all be on the same page and understand how they contribute to the success of the practice. Social events and team days help to establish important bonds, so why not highlight these on your social channels? It might just help you to attract talented applicants that will fit right in with the rest of your team.

  1. Shout about those positive reviews

Sarah, Account Manager says ‘It’s always beneficial to showcase testimonials from your clients on your website and social media, especially if they emphasise team members. This is also another way to ensure your employees get the recognition they deserve and have their moment in the spotlight.’

Take a look at Newton Clarke’s Facebook Feed to see some great examples here

  1. Leverage the power of video

Photographs and captions have their place, but videos featuring your team can be even more powerful as it helps to establish a more personal connection with your audience and potential applicants.


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