2 Hour Social Media Training

We speak to a lot of vets who know they need to start using Social Media and the Internet more effectively, but don’t know where to start. So we have put together a bitesized training course to start you off.

Our two hour social media and internet marketing training course costs just £99+VAT per person and includes an hour of one-on-one remote support afterwards.

The course is held from 5-7pm on board Onswitch’s Bertha the Bus. It includes a little bit of speaking by our social media advisor Ellie, to explain the importance of the internet and explore a few key ways to use it best. Before spending some time setting you up on Facebook and Twitter, or, if you already have practice profiles on these, how to use them better!

From the basics such as what to post and how frequently, to quetions about making the most of your online reputation and what to do about negative reviews – we try to give you a good first view of where to start.

Locations: Weymouth 25th Oct | Southampton 1st Nov | Reading 8th Nov | Crawley 14th Nov | Ashford 21st Nov | Colchester 29th Nov

If we are not scheduled somewhere close to you, just contact us and we can arrange to come and train your whole practice and get you working together on your online presence.

If this all seems like too much hard work, then let us do what we do best and run your social media for you, follow this link to see our packages and prices, or email ellie@vethelpdirect.com (our social media advisor) for more information.