Changes to Online Vet Reviews

The review system on listings allows clients to easily leave your practice online reviews. Each review is read by a member of the team and you are notified of every review left. And now we have made it even better…

Now More Detailed Star Ratings 

This week we have updated the system, giving clients the opportunity to rate five key areas of your practice (Respect for their animal, friendliness, value for money, professionalism and cleanliness). Clients still have the opportunity to leave comments too if they wish.

The new system looks like this:

Reasons for the Update

Quality of review: It prompts people to consider things they may not otherwise think to rate.

Speed of reviewing: It allows people to quickly rate key aspects of your practice if they don’t have time to write comments.

Dealing with negative reviews: As you know, all reviews are read by a member of the team before being published. Any defamatory comments won’t be published, but the star rating will be. Having itemised star ratings will allow a clearer (and fairer) reflection of what people were unhappy with, even if their comments aren’t displayed.

For more information on vet reviews in general, and to read our Review Terms and Conditions, please visit the reviews page of this website. 

Get a Review Widget on your Website for FREE

As part of every listing, we offer a free review widget to embed onto your website. This makes it even easier for clients to find where to leave you a review online. We customise the widget so it matches the colours of your site too.

If you have a listing but haven’t already taken advantage of the free widget, contact us and we will send you the code and instructions for your web developer to follow.

Haven’t Got a Listing Yet?

If you haven’t yet signed up to the directory, it’s only £15 per month! For more information contact us or visit the directory page of our website.