Our Symptom Guide is now Mobile Friendly!

If you have our symptom guide integrated into your practice website then we have good news: the guide is now optimised to work beautifully on a mobile phone! You’ll need to make one small change to make it work for your website…

WIth almost 50% of people using their mobile phones to surf the internet (ofcom, 2013), mobile-friendly websites and online resources (often referred to as responsive design) are more important than ever. 

Our integrated symptom guide has always worked on mobiles but it is now optimised to provide a better user experience. Making the information easier to find and use. We believe this will encourage even more of your clients to turn to you for advice online.

How to Make Your Guide Responsive:

Pop Up Version: If you currently have the pop up version of our guide, then you don’t need to do anything – all the changes will have been made automatically.

IFrame Version: If you currently have the IFrame version of our guide you just need to make one small change: Alter the code so that the width is set to 100%. That way the IFrame is mobile responsive as well as the guide inside! You might need to get your web developer to make this change for you.

If you have any problems at all (or if you aren’t sure whether you have a pop up or IFrame version) we are here to help: Contact us.

Don’t have a symptom guide on your practice website yet? 

Our guide costs just £17.50 per month. It has been written exclusively by vets so you can be sure that the advice is trustworthy and accurate.

Integrating the guide into your website allows your clients to turn to you for advice online. Over 90% of the answers recommend going to the vet, the variable part of the answer is the timescale (urgency) and the customised advice (such as taking a urine sample to the consultation).

Integration is simple (we can liaise with your web developer if preferred) and we even design you a complimentary graphic to go on your website home page. Please follow this link for more information or contact us to get the process started.