QR Codes for Vets

Yes QR codes look trendy and will make my practice look up to date and ahead of the game, but how useful are they? In our humble opinion the answer is ‘very’. Check out just a few of our suggestions for using QR codes in your practice.

QR codes are a simple, convenient way to link offline to online. Download an app on your smart phone, scan the code and in a few seconds the relevant web page will be loading. All the QR codes used here are templates that we can magic into a bespoke QR code for your practice, branded with your colours, logo and message. If you would like more information on how to produce QR codes please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

  1. Use a large QR code window sticker in your practice, when you are closed interested passers- by’s can access your website
  2. Use on preanasthetic information sheets linking to a preop information page on your website
  3. Use on paper vaccine reminders linking to a page on your website explaining what the vaccinations cover and why they are so vital. 
  4. Give owners attending puppy parties cards with a QR linking to a Flickr or facebook album which will contain photos of their furry bundles of joy enjoying the party
  5. Have a sign in reception encouraging visitors to ‘check in on facebook’ The QR code will help them to find your facebook quickly and easily, giving them more time to read the page and ‘Like’ you whilst they wait. 
  6. Use on owner information sheets, eg. an information sheet on ear problems could link to a page on your website with a ‘how to video’. If you use manufacturers’ information sheets use your QR code sticker on the front leading to the video on your website.

Been using QR codes in your practice? We would love to hear how you have been getting on.