We don’t do websites, but if we did…

There is no getting away from it; the majority (the vast majority) of your clients use the Internet. That should be no surprise to you because, if you’re reading this online blog post, then so are you! The chances are your veterinary practice has a website – great start! But it really is only a start…

Whether your website is fairly old and looking a little dated, brand spanking new and fabulous, or somewhere in between, all it is, is a (probably expensive) brochure for your practice. Unless you use it properly.

So let’s think about your website like a paper brochure. Let’s assume it’s all glossy and lovely and even smells delicious (the best brochures always do). What fills the pages? I assume there are some photos of your practice, maybe even some furry animals, your contact details, maybe some staff profiles, opening hours, a price list…all good, important things.

So, who are you going to give this lovely smelling brochure to? Existing clients? Why would they want it; if they’re existing they already know where your practice is and how much you charge. Popping back momentarily to reality; why would existing clients go to your website if that’s all you’re offering there?

So instead, give your brochure to potential clients? It’s definitely information that they wont have but how will they find you to collect it in the first place?

This brings up two aspects of a website that you simply cannot ignore: making your website a resource for returning clients, and optimising your website so potential clients cannot help but find it! 

Ways to make your website a resource for animal owners:

Pet fact sheets, a twitter feedour integrated symptom checker.

Ways to get your website out there: 

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)Google pay-per-click adverts, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), public reviews about your practiceonline press releases…the list goes on!

In short all we are saying is: there is more to a valuable web presence than a website, in fact there is A LOT more to it! Plus it can be an awful lot of fun building it up and seeing the results in your business!

Like I say, we don’t design websites…we concentrate on making your online presence incredible. Contact Ellie for more details about anything in this post… ellie@vethelpdirect.com