What to Post on Facebook

A good veterinary practice Facebook page should have a wide mix of content to keep fans interested and engaged. Below we’ve listed some ideas of content that you should consider including on your practice page. If you’ve got any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments box at the bottom of the page – all suggestions greatly appreciated as always!

Type of content relevant for a vet’s Facebook page:

  • Photos, stories & case studies from the practice
  • Lost / found animals
  • Encouraging clients to leave reviews on your chosen platform
  • Special Offers
  • Funny photos shared from other relevant pages (see example below)
  • General practice information (such as opening times)
  • Links to videos
  • Clinical information
  • Commercial information (to encourage sales of products for example)
  • Incentives for clients (existing and potential) to walk through the door
  • Staff news
  • Veterinary advice / general pet care advice (see example below)
  • Interactive posts (such as asking questions or asking clients to share photos or stories)
  • Competitions
  • Practice events (such as rabbit awareness week, firework phobia clinics etc)
  • Charity event awareness
  • Links to your own blog articles
  • Links to relevant news stories
  • Ask questions (see example below)

Examples of Posts with Good Engagement

Below is an example, posted by us on a practice’s page, of sharing relevant, funny photos from other relevant Facebook pages. We thought this was worth showing you because the comment made on it is so fantastic:

Below is an example of a post we designed and branded with the practice’s logo. The information is important and because of the way it’s displayed, it’s much more engaging – the proof is in the SEVENTY shares this post got!

Below is another example posted by us on a practice’s page. It’s such a simple post but it manages to encourage people to discuss pets and their local area (the two things your clients will have in common) and they’re using YOUR page to build a community!

We Can Help

Posting on behalf of practices (such as the examples above) is something we offer. Read more about our social media services by following this link or please contact us and a friendly member of the team will be happy to talk you through what we offer.

Prefer to do it yourself?

We can also come into your practice and train your staff so they are more confident with what and when to post (as well as learning lots of other handy Facebook tools too).