Winning Awards? Does It Really Matter?

Reviews hosted in our directory led to our recent Best UK Vets Award, but what else do you get from winning an award other than the award itself?

Winning an Award – Why it Matters

Our Best UK Vets award isn’t just about giving a veterinary practice a warm glow inside! Winning any award for your practice is great, but in terms of using it as a proactive business tool, you must spread the word of your achievements and make sure potential clients know what a great job you’re doing!

The winners of our award enjoyed coverage in national veterinary publications, but more importantly for their business, the award story was published in two of their most well-read local publications (on and off-line). That means pet owners in the area that are looking for a vet are now aware of the local award-winning practice! Being published online also helps with your search engine optimisation (Google ranking) – helping you to get found now and in the future.

Barton Lodge Vets, winners of Best UK Vets 2013, pose for photographs with some of their clients (and a few of the pets they treat!) From left to right: Roger Wickenden, Cory and owner, Cathy Wickenden, Susie Samuel (MD of

Has your practice won any awards? Did you use them as a marketing tool? Let us know…