6 Reasons Your Vet Practice Should Be Blogging

I know that there hundreds of ways you can market your veterinary practice on and offline and that blogging might not be all that high up on the list. Blogging takes up a lot of time and in reality it might not seem like the best way to spend your time. You’ve guessed it, there’s a BUT! But you really should consider blogging for your marketing strategy, and I’ll tell you why in just 6 points (although there are many more!):

1. More content on your website = more traffic to your website. 

“Study Shows Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors” Hubspot

Traffic is good for two reasons. The obvious one being that more traffic means more people are looking at your website, finding out about your practice and potentially becoming a client. The less obvious one is that more traffic means Google gives your website more credit and this will help your ranking in Google search results – a snowball effect: more traffic = better Google ranking…better Google ranking = more traffic…and on and on.

2. Local animal owners see you and your practice as the expert/s.

As long as your blog posts are full of good quality content (a must) then readers will a) enjoy reading and interacting with your content and b) look to you as the local expert – who better to look after their much loved pets and animals?!

3. Blog content can raise awareness and ensure animal owners are seeking veterinary attention they may otherwise not.

However your clients or other local animal owners are finding your blog content (via your newsletter / through a Google search / through a friend on social media) you get the opportunity to educate them about those things that so many pet and animal owners are unaware of. In turn this may lead to animal owners seeking your advice for urgent problems in plenty of time and keeping up to date with the routine things like dental checks / boosters / weight.

4. I’ve already touched on it but Getting Found on Google.

As with point one, this can be as a result of increased web traffic. It will also be as a result of the blog content itself. Your blog posts will be valuable information for animal owners and it’s a great opportunity to get specific keywords into a concise page of your website. For example a blog post on your last puppy party will give you lots of opportunity to discuss puppy parties, what happens, some funny anecdotes etc. Loads more opportunity than a snippet about it as part of the services page on your website. Google will reward you for creating quality content about a specific topic by rating it positively when it comes to local people searching ‘puppy party in [your location]’. I know I don’t need to say this again buuuut…higher ranking on Google means people are finding you before they find your competitor!

5. Locals will like you!

Blog content should be informal and conversational, this helps local animal and pet owners to remember you’re human. This is especially great for potential clients, your practice will come across as warm and friendly, even online.

6. You’re creating great content to share around.

Writing a blog post might feel like it takes a long time. But one you’ve written it, you can link to it on Facebook and Twitter and other social channels, you can copy it into your monthly email or add it to your newsletter. You’ve created quality content – make the most of it. Once you’ve created it, not only will people be finding it via Google, but they’ll also be sharing it with friends – spreading word of your practice and providing a link straight to your website, via an interesting, warm article – what a great introduction to your vet practice!

Now you can see what all the fuss is about – get blogging! But please remember how important good quality content is. Without that, none of the above 6 points count.

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