VetHelpDirect, what an experience!

By Jake Kalcher

Working with VetHelpDirect was a great experience! For the work experience I was primarily doing graphic design, I was assigned to design and produce images, email newsletters and other smaller design tasks to be used for the clients. For VHD’s new website, I researched some content to be used about the services they offer. For the company generally I input my ideas and thoughts. The team were friendly and welcoming, giving me advice and mentoring me to produce work to be used for their clients.

While working with VetHelpDirect I learned what it’s like to work in a business and got the feel of what it’s like having a professional job. Doing this work experience, it has confirmed I know where I want to be after I leave school. It has taught me a few handy tips, which I can use elsewhere with designing and researching. Working with VHD it opened my eyes to a wider range of opportunities to consider in the future from whom to work with, to what I could bring to a business and so on.

The two weeks I spent with the team allowed me to fit in easily and communicate well, it was really enjoyable to work with an enthusiastic set of people who happily answered all my questions and instructed me if I had a problem. Collaborating with the group showed me what it’s like to work effectively in a close-knit team and also have a feel of working independently on tasks assigned to me.

Now that I have experienced working in a company I feel I could work for a business like this one and know what to expect when getting a job. Every task is unique, and a new challenge to uptake and I enjoy overcoming every challenge that is thrown at me, no matter how big or small. Experimenting with new ideas on every design based task allowed me to produce an effective range of work.

What was most enjoyable in the time with VetHelpDirect was doing what I like best and putting it into real work, producing a wide range of graphic design and seeing it be used with the clients. Every new task allowed me to show my potential and develop a wider range of skills, shown throughout the work I produced in the two weeks. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to do work experience with!