6 Ways Email Marketing Will Improve Business in Your Vet Practice

Emails might seem a bit old school now what with Facebook and online ads, instagram, hashtags and vlogging! But don’t be fooled. Email marketing is a must for your practice and this blog post is intended to help you to understand why and to start doing them pronto. Because I’m going to tell you how they’ll improve your business…

1. They will cement the relationships you have with your existing clients.

Sending your existing clients regular emails to tell them about your news, give them useful care advice for their pets and animals and give them special offers, are just some of the ways email marketing will strengthen the bond between you. 

Loyal, happy clients are the ones that will keep your practice ticking. They’re also the ones that will leave the loveliest online reviews and treat all your staff like friends, giving your practice a warm and caring atmosphere.

2. They will remind existing clients to book routine appointments regularly.

Sending your clients an email to remind them their pet or animal is due their booster/dental check/weight check/etc will encourage them to book the appointments regularly and will save your reception staff time chasing on the telephone!

3. They will encourage you to create content you can use elsewhere.

Once you’ve written your email full of interesting content, you can use that content elsewhere.

  • Break it up to make perfect shorter stories for your social media pages.
  • Use it for blog posts on your website – a great way to increase website traffic.
  • Send it into local online news stations to get it published on their websites – perfect for local SEO and general exposure in the community.

Start with putting the content in an email though – this will not only ensure that clients see it (it’s delivered straight to their inbox), but it will also make sure your clients feel privileged to be the first to know.

4. They will increase your revenue.

You read that right and it’s that simple. Both emails to existing clients and to potential clients will increase your revenue. On average, for every £1 spent on email marketing, a £44 return is made (ExactTarget 2013).

5. They will encourage existing clients to leave you online reviews.

Online reviews are one of the most important aspects of a local business’ online marketing strategy with 77% of UK consumers consulting online reviews before making their purchasing decision (econsultancy). 

Emailing clients after their appointment, asking how it was and asking them to leave feedback via a link, will make it easy for them to leave you a review on your chosen platform. Setting up automated emails to do this will make it even easier (we can help).

6. They will work for all demographics.

All generations, old and young, are getting on board with social media and other digital avenues. Email has probably got the most traction across all generations at the moment though, so by using email marketing, you’re engaging key demographics you might otherwise not reach online.

So there you have it. Email marketing will improve your business.

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