How to Get Your Clients to Leave You a Review

We shout it until we’re blue in the face: “ONLINE REVIEWS ARE SO SO SO SO SO SO (takes breath) SO SO SO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!” And it’s not just us, other experts are shouting it all over the internet – like here. So, it’s probably only fair that, now we’ve got the message across, we help you to get your happy, loyal clients, to write them!

How to Get Your Happy Clients to Review You Online

Make it easy

People are busy, they’ll usually only leave a review if it’s quick and easy to. Choose a reputable reviewing platform so you can direct them straight there. Add a link onto your website to make it even easier for them to find (you can then just direct them to your website!).


If somebody you like asked you to do them a quick favour, chances are you would wouldn’t you? Most clients won’t even be aware how much you’d appreciate a review from them, unless you ask them for one…

Ask in person

When they come into the practice, ask them at reception.

Ask by email

Send a follow up email to their consultation and ask for some feedback (don’t forget to include the link to make it easy).

Ask online

And ask them in bulk by posting something onto social media or your blog – big exposure for asking just once!

Ask in a group

When you have lots of clients together, such as at a puppy party or open day – ask en masse.

Ask for help

If you’re collecting reviews on or, you’re automatically eligible to win the Best UK Vets award. Ask your clients to help you win it (they’ll get invited along to the cake fuelled award ceremony if you win)!


When somebody leaves you a positive review, share it on Facebook (and include a link) so others might do the same.


You could hold a draw and everybody who leaves a review gets entered. Remember to be clear that all reviews will be entered (and published), not only positive ones.

Give free samples

If you’ve been given free samples, give them away in the practice when somebody writes a review.

And don’t forget to say thank you!

When somebody leaves a lovely review, it’s important to thank them – either as a comment on the review itself or on social media (doing it publicly will be great for your image), in an email, or even when they next come in. On this note, it’s also important to respond to negative reviews – thanking clients for the feedback and taking it on board, will be appreciated by everybody who reads it.

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