Google News – Virtual Tours Inside Your Practice

Google Business View – the new Google feature taking brick and mortar businesses by storm! 

What is it?

Have you used Google Street View before, where you can do this sort of thing…

Well Google have just taken it to the next level, you can now show the INSIDE of your vet practice on Google and on your website! Giving your clients and potential clients the opportunity to have a behind-the-scenes tour of your practice.

Have a look at this:

What you need to know:

It’s called Google Business View. 

It has increased footfall by up to 20% for businesses using it.

It helps your potential clients get to know you and know what to expect for their first visit. 

It makes your existing clients feel they know you better and know what happens to their pet when with you.

We work with Google to offer it to veterinary practices in the UK.

Your customers will see a Street View tour of your practice displayed on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ Local, and you can embed the imagery free of charge in your web site. Conventional images of your business are also included, all uploaded to your Google profile. 

All this is done with minimal input from you.

And all for a one-off charge of £250.

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