How to Use Your Team to Make Your Digital Marketing Great

Your team are the best assets your practice has. Nobody knows your practice better or wants it to succeed as much as you and them. And if you’re not tapping into their skills for your digital marketing than you’re missing a trick that could be rewarding and fun for everybody. 

How should I use my team for digital marketing?

Each of your staff will likely have a natural skill for different elements of digital marketing. This is brilliant for you as it means you can give responsibility to individuals and develop a varied marketing strategy for your practice. With this in mind perhaps start by discussing with your team all the options and letting them decide which they think they’ll enjoy most.

Facebook is perfect for somebody who sees lots of the animals as well as their owners (so they can ask permissions and get the owner excited about seeing their pet on your Facebook page).

Blogging is a great one for any of your team that enjoy writing about topics they understand and care about. Blogging also works really well with input from everybody – each of your staff could contribute a post a month and before you know it your blog is full of varied and frequent content. Have somebody in charge of this to ensure everybody is contributing and knows what to write about.

If you send your clients emails (and here’s why you should), you’ll know that your team can get involved all the way from coming up with ideas to putting the email itself together.

So it’s easy to see how your team can be involved in the client facing platforms. They can also get involved in the behind the scenes digital efforts, such as search engine optimisation (SEO) as long as they’ve been given the correct training.

One aspect that all your staff should already be adopting is asking clients to leave you online reviews, so if you get nothing else from this blog post – please ensure your staff have got that one covered (read more in this blog).

Won’t it interfere with their main responsibilities?

Digital marketing does take time. This is where you decide how important digital marketing is for your practice. Then you ensure each member of staff knows the remits of their digital input (the task itself, the knowledge of doing it brilliantly and the time allocated).

A social media policy is crucial for things like this, have it down in writing so everybody is clear and happy. If you’re a very busy practice then perhaps using a digital marketing agency is a more sensible option. Don’t underestimate how long writing a good Facebook post can take and your staff will ned the time to do it properly.

I’m concerned about the quality of content.

It can be difficult to relinquish control of a very public facing responsibility and risk damaging your brand. If your concerns are things like spelling and grammar, it pays to have conversations like these with staff as a whole when you’re deciding upon responsibilities. Tell your staff the importance of good spelling and suggest they write all content in Word so spelling/grammar errors show up and can be corrected before they copy the content into Facebook/emails/blogs etc.

The quality of the content in terms of subject, imagery, tone of voice etc needs to be managed from the get go and we strongly recommend having staff training from people who know what works so your staff can’t go wrong.

Staff Training

If you’re giving your staff time and responsibility to manage your internet marketing, it makes sense to train them to ensure they’re doing it properly and enjoying it. We offer staff training in your practice. We can train on Facebook, SEO, general internet marketing and we offer bespoke training too. We make sure you’re all confident with what you should do and enthusiastic to get started, we also get you into a position where you’re ready to go from the second we leave, with each member of staff clear of their responsibilities and full of ideas. Find out more.