Email Marketing for Vets – Why & How

Email Marketing is one of our Top 5 Digital Marketing Methods for Vets – here’s why:

High Open Rates

The veterinary industry enjoys very high open rates for emails. This is chiefly because your clients like you! They want to know your news, they want to know information that could help them care for their beloved pets…and they want to know about any special offers!

Tip: Make sure your email subject is engaging to encourage clients to open.

Your Message Direct to a Targeted Audience



It is likely that the majority of your email database will be made up of existing clients. You want existing clients to increase their visits so here you have the perfect channel to directly communicate with this audience and get your message seen.

Tip: Make sure your message appeals to this audience (send ‘refer a friend’ offers rather than ‘free first consultation offers’).

Track Actions



Know exactly which clients have opened your email and which haven’t.

Those that haven’t you can follow up on the phone or in the post. Those that have you can send a follow up email to, ensuring you stay in their mind.

This way you can reach everybody and most of them you can reach in an instant!

Tip: It’s important to use a platform that allows you to track actions taken and monitor your email campaigns.

Low Cost / High Success Ratio



Sending an email to your clients is a much more cost effective method of communicating with clients than by post or phone (saving on printing and postage costs and saving on staff time).

And with similar time costs to social media posts, it’s more effective at getting your message directly to those intended than social media is. 

Tip: Increasing your client email database will make the time spent creating your email even better value.

Increased client retention



Sending your clients regular pet care information or loyalty offers will keep you at the forefront of their minds for when their pet next needs veterinary attention.

Tip: Send a snippet from your latest blog article, this will be interesting content for pet owners and direct them to your website to read more. Usually, content like this will bond clients to you more than promotional content would.

You Can Direct Traffic Wherever you Want



Use your emails to direct your reader where you want – if you have a great Facebook page, direct them there, if you want more online reviews – ask them for feedback and provide the link to make it easy, got a blog? Send them to your website.

Tip: Less is more – give each email you send one key call to action. Sending frequent emails with bitesize content it much better than infrequent emails jam packed with daunting amounts of text.

Yes! You can do all the above with the humble email!

Keep in mind that no worthwhile digital marketing strategy is free – you will invest in either staff time or outsourcing. Email marketing is the same, in fact fashion retailer ASOS has a dedicated team of 10 people to produce its twice-weekly newsletter. If you’d like us to manage your email marketing, we will do is brilliantly, and from as little as £30 per campaign. 

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