How do you make sure your clients turn to you for online pet advice?

No matter how friendly your team and how loyal your clients, some of your clients will instinctively turn online for pet advice. There is a way you can be there for them online as well as in person and what’s even better – the online solution allows you to be there for them 24/7 without any extra staffing costs…

The VetHelpDirect online Symptom Checker is a triage tool, created by vets, providing pet and animal owners with guidance on how urgently they need to see their vet.

It’s easy to use, on desktop and on mobile.

The advice always errs on the side of caution, with approx. 90% of the results urging users to contact their vet (the differing factor is the timescale).

It can be embedded into your website, the colours can be matched to your branding and the end messages can include your own contact and emergency details (and any wording you require).

It costs just £25 per month, all updates are automatic and you can cancel anytime.

Try out the public version at or read more about it on this page of our website. Sign up for it here. Set up is easy and we can even liaise with your web developers directly. Call us on 0845 4961 204 with any questions.