6 ways Facebook can help grow your veterinary client base

It has been said that Facebook’s alterations to its algorithm and newsfeed mean that it is becoming more difficult for owners of business pages to reach their audience. But, crucially, as veterinary practices like yours thrive on forming connections with pet owners in your locality, the social giant remains one of the most powerful platforms you can use to grow your client base. Here’s how…

1. Increase your reach with targeted Facebook ads

Facebook has more than one billion users, making it a prime opportunity for a practice like yours to connect with potential clients. Not only are there a large number of pet owners to market to, but the customisation abilities of Facebook ads also allow for highly targeted and therefore highly effective advertising opportunities. These tools will help you to create tailored campaigns to market your key services to. It can also connect with those in your local area who are likely to be receptive to your message.

2 Show you care by building a community

Your clients are, by definition, going to be local to you. So, focusing on building a trusted community and understanding how to positively contribute to the lives of your audience is essential. Facebook thrives on connections and encouraging meaningful interactions is an effective way to increase your reach to new potential clients.

3 Ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out what your community would like to see from you! This will help you to tailor your approach and connect with an even wider audience. Remember, pet lovers often actively recommend the services of pet businesses and veterinary practices to their fellow pet lovers… So perfecting your Facebook strategy has the potential to vastly increase your reach even within relatively small communities.

4 Nurture relationships and build trust through helpful content

The process doesn’t end with making connections; you also need to nurture them as well. Sharing valuable and educational content on your Facebook page will help you to build trust, particularly if you use this opportunity to demonstrate how much you care about your clients. They are looking for a professional and trustworthy practice. Demonstrating your knowledge and your dedication to your role within the community through your content is an excellent way to show that you can meet their needs.

This process will require careful and constant management. You will need to plan your relevant content and ensure that you are consistently engaging with people who are interacting with you. For this reason, many vets opt to enlist the help of social media professionals who understand the complexities of the veterinary world.

5 Collect and share reviews

Another way to garner trust in your business is to encourage reviews and testimonials. Providing social proof that your veterinary practice has the customer service, as well as clinical skills, knowledge and facilities to provide a wide variety of services will enhance your standing in the eyes of your potential clients. This then encourages them to come directly to you for help or advice.

6 Utilise insights

The Facebook insights tool provides easy to understand metrics and statistics that can demonstrate whether your approach is meeting the expectations of your existing community. If you aren’t seeing the engagement figures you want to see, you can use it to refine your approach. This should help you to devise a strategy that will encourage likes, comments and shares and the creation of meaningful interactions with future potential clients.

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