Can I just design my own veterinary practice website?

The short answer is: yes, you can design your own website.

(And yes, there is a ‘but’ coming…)


Here are just some of the reasons why investing in a professionally designed, built and maintained website is a much better option for your veterinary practice.

1. Self-designed websites can (and do!) go very wrong

Expertise and experience are required to build functional, aesthetically pleasing and powerful websites.


Because there are countless things that can go very wrong if you don’t have the right knowledge and skills.

And when it comes to your practice’s website, that’s simply not a risk worth taking.

2. Self-designed websites are time-consuming and costly

As with any unfamiliar task, you will run into numerous issues that need in-depth problem-solving skills before you can move on to the next stage.

And yes, this will add even more time and money to what will already be a lengthy and costly project.

But here’s the thing:

Why spend so much time, energy and money building a website when you could hire a professional guaranteed to deliver a first-class final product?

So, give yourself a break and let professional web designers and developers to handle your web design, leaving you free to focus on doing what you do best: serving your community and their much-loved companions.

3. In depth technical knowhow is needed to create and maintain a high-quality website

For argument’s sake, let’s imagine for a moment that you know how to build a basic website that contains all the information you want to share with your audience.

But would you know what to do if your site was hacked?

If your client’s personal information was to be compromised?

Your site went down due to malware?

Having a design and development professional on hand will help you to ensure that you’re presenting a trustworthy and dependable image to pet owners every single day.

Building a reliable website isn’t just about dragging and dropping pretty images and text into a page. Technical knowledge is vital to ensuring your most important digital asset and online shop window is protected and frequently updated to maximise its longevity.

4. Self-designed websites are often a bit…well, clunky!

Many self-built websites lack the flair and finesse that only experienced designers and developers can offer. From essential technical aspects, including page load times to aesthetic concerns such as ensuring text and images are correctly aligned, your digital presence will benefit from having a qualified pair of eyes overseeing your project.

And let’s not forget that first impressions really do count.

In fact, you only have a handful of seconds to make the right impression to potential new clients and staff. Don’t put that opportunity at risk for the sake of handling everything yourself or saving some money.

The right design and development team will work with you to create a website that reflects your practice brand and personality and contains all the features your clients expect to find. This will ultimately reflect positively on your practice, helping you make the right impression and ensuring that you can stand apart from your local competitors in an assured and confident manner.

If you’re thinking of designing your own website, please have a chat to our expert team first! Drop us an email  or Contact Us Here