Jason Freezer, Practice Manager, talks on

Live Web Chat at Brightside Vets


Why did you introduce Live Web Chat?

“To help with unanswered call for busy periods and out-of-hours”

What results have you seen?

“Increased bookings and reduction in issues and missed calls – we have around 2-3 chats a day”

What’s it like working with the VetsDigital team

“Really good, they worked with us to develop consistent messages, the information given to clients is the same as if someone called the practice… It is an extension of our own brand. The VetsDigital team can access the booking service so can help clients make bookings too.

Spent time with the team to ensure they understood our brand, our ethos and tone of voice… Every month we get a report which details the performance of the Live Chat, copies of transcripts and can feedback. We have built the relationship over time which gives us the confidence that they are talking really well on our behalf”

What the client says...

"I would highly recommend it"

Jason Freezer, Practice Manager, Brightside Vets

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