"VetsDigital Live Chat Service is Five STAR!"

Sydney Animal Hospitals have been using our VetsDigital Live Chat Service since November 2020.

SAHs are a fully independent group of six practices caring for the pets of Sydney, NSW, Australia and are proud to provide high quality vet care to their local communities.

Due to the time difference, VetsDigital provides an RVN manned Live Chat Service during the hours of 4.00pm – 7.30am AEDT Monday to Friday.

SAH’s Marketing Manager, Kylie gives her thoughts on the service.

VetsDigital Live Chat Service is five STAR!!! VetsDigital provides our Sydney Animal Hospitals clients with a very valuable service, they are able to assist our clients online & when we are closed. Our team can relax and know our clients are being looked after. Whether it is a concerned pet owner worried about their pet’s health, a service or price enquiry or to make an appointment, our live webchat service can assist our clients.

  • VetsDigital Live Webchat Service provides a more enjoyable experience for our clients while they are on our website.
  • A huge benefit of VetsDigital being across the other side of the world is that they are able to assist our clients while we are closed, all through the night.
  • Clients want to jump online any time of the night and for us to be able to offer a qualified Veterinary Nurse to be able to assist them
  • You cannot choose when our pets are going to be sick however VetsDigital Live webchat service allows us to provide Monday-Friday 4pm to 7.30am after hours pet advice service for free to our clients.
  • VetsDigital Live web chat provides another communication platform for our Sydney Animal Hospitals clients.

“Not only do the VetsDigital team understand the Veterinary industry but the level of Customer Service that all of the VetsDigital team provide is outstanding. The way they engage with our clients, using the client and pet’s name in the chat and the information they give is perfect.”


The impact it’s had on the team – VetsDigital Live Webchat Service makes a huge impact every day for our staff, by answering our client’s questions over the Chat platform, assists in reducing phone calls which then free our staff up to give more time for our patients.

What do your clients think and how has it helped to improve customer experience  – VetsDigital customer service is outstanding!!!!!

VetsDigital Live Chat team provides our clients with an enjoyable experience while on our website and VetsDigital’s outstanding customer service creates a professional, friendly impression starting a great relationship with the client on the Chat before meeting our team in person.


“Our Sydney Animal Hospitals clients are blown away that they are able to chat with a REAL person, not just a bot like most webchats and they are qualified Veterinary Nurses.”



What is it like to work with VetsDigital – Working with the team at VetsDigital is amazing. We have our own dedicated Account Manager and also work with a great team of Veterinary Nurses who really look after our clients, they all make it so easy and are a pleasure to work with.

With 6 large busy animal hospitals I was dreading training a team of nurses across the other side of the world on all of our Sydney Animal Hospital policies and procedures however it has been done with ease. The whole team from Susie the CEO to every nurse are always pleasure to work with. Even the way they have converted to deal with Australian animals such as learning about deadly ticks which they do not have in the UK.

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