One Online Review, 5 Minutes of your Time, LOTS of Marketing Material

Getting a positive online review isn’t just nice to have. Your online reviews will get new clients through your door and getting just one review can lead to getting lots more – if you shout it from the rooftops. Here’s how…

When you get a positive online review, on any platform (,, Google, Yell, Facebook, in an email…) make sure you share that review on every social media platform you have. By celebrating your review you do three things:

  • Make the person who left it for you feel thanked and rewarded for their effort
  • Advertise what good things your clients are saying about you to potential clients
  • Encouraging other clients to leave you positive reviews too!

Lead by Example

This morning we had a lovely testimonial emailed to us by one of our clients for the work we’ve been doing to help them build up their own reviews. First we replied with thanks. Then we copied the review and made it into an image:

We then shared that image to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and we wrote this blog post about it. We may also include it in an email in the future! 

Your positive reviews are the best advertisement for your practice – make sure you’re making the most of them!