Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Do you use email as part of you marketing strategy yet? It is still one of the most effective and yet least utilised marketing methods for veterinary practices.

We read this very comprehensive article recently on emails: the history, the technical bits, different providers, security…and we wanted to share it with you. In particular the section on email marketing tips and tricks. We’ve paraphrased a little of this section below, to read the full article visit

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has found that effective e-mail marketing can offer a ROI of 4300% (18).

But it’s important to get it right so you don’t damage your practice’s identity. It’s obviously also important to get it right so it works for you as a business tool and brings in new clients and bonds existing clients to you. Here are some tips to get it right:

1. Branding:

Keep it consistent and make it recognisable.

2. Catchy e-mail subject:

Grabbing attention for the right reasons can make the difference between opens and ignores.

3. Personalise:

Use your clients names and make sure your return email address is one people will recognise.

4. Simplicity:

Keep your message focussed. It’s better to concentrate on one topic per email.

5. Reward for reading:

A discount for a service or some pet health advice will not only make your email more enjoyable but will encourage opens time and again.

6. Use a compelling Call to Action (CTA):

If your email discusses dental check ups, finish the email with a link to book one.

7. Short not long:

People are busy, keep it short and to the point.

8. P.S.:

Using a PS quite often grabs dwindling attention, try it out.

If you would like help making your emails brilliant marketing tools for your practice, we will design them for you, with our team of RVN Copywriters we can even create the content…