Facebook Ads: promoting your practice

Social media has consistently proven itself to be one of the most cost effective and powerful digital advertising channels for businesses and this is no different for your veterinary practice. From reaching your local community to securing new clients, social media can support your practice in a variety of very tangible and quantifiable ways.

As the leading global social platform, Facebook stands out as being one of the most effective ways to promote your practice to your target audience. In addition to boasting a monthly active user base of more than 1.3bn, 70% of users log in to their accounts daily [1]. Its advertising platform has some of the most advanced targeting capabilities, which means that practices like yours will find it easier to make those all-important connections with your clients and potential ideal clients in your local area.

This also enhances the cost-effectiveness of your advertising spend and, notably, in some cases Facebook advertising can be seven times cheaper [2] than running a Twitter Ads campaign, which is often the next most affordable option.


Why should you consider Facebook Ads campaigns?

Facebook Ads campaigns are easy to track and will provide you with a range of insightful metrics that can be used to monitor performance. From your weekly reach to engagement and spending levels on individual ads, the analytics and reporting information Facebook provides is extensive. Additionally, you will retain full control over both your maximum cost-per-click and your overall daily budget. Most campaigns will generate an immediate increase in page and website traffic and provide opportunities to connect with your audience at precisely the right time.

Video and still imagery can be integrated to capture the attention of your target audience and help your ads to stand out for the right reasons. The good news for veterinary practices is that Facebook Ads are most suitable for businesses operating within B2C marketplaces and Facebook campaigns (when optimised correctly) often deliver an immediate return on investment, which in many cases can be increased with some campaign and targeting refinement based upon the metrics you are seeing.


The benefits of using Facebook Ads to advertise your veterinary practice

Facebook’s organic reach has been in decline for some time now, which means that if you want to use the social platform to reach your ideal audience, running an Ads campaign is one of the best ways to grow your local awareness, establish a community around your practice, and generate meaningful leads that you can convert into loyal clients.

When utilised in the best possible way, Facebook can be an extremely valuable platform for veterinary businesses; it can become a place where you can both converse with your community and share content in a range of different formats. From brief updates to in-depth videos, you can go on to tailor your content to suit the needs and desires of your unique client and target base.

Facebook Ads have many advanced targeting options, which means that your practice will be able to target Facebook users based upon a variety of factors including age, location, gender, behaviour, life events and interests. Location targeting is vital for veterinary practices and targeting ads based on interests can reach more relevant people – pet owners – which has the potential to yield beneficial outcomes especially when used in conjunction with a Facebook Pixel. 

Importantly, Facebook also has a large mobile audience which can be particularly useful for local practices like yours, as this will help you to connect with clients who need to access your services immediately.

Not sure where to start with Facebook Ads? We’re here to help! To find out how we can help you increase your online reach using ads, please get in touch.


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