Free Images to Use to Build Your Reviews

How do you get clients to leave you online reviews? Well images are a good place to start! So we’ve created a dozen for you to choose from. All the below images are created by us and free for all UK vet practices to use, to download them, just click on the image to enlarge it, and right click to save it.

How to Use the Images for Best Results

Facebook & Other Social Media

Post the image along with text such as “Please help us win the Best UK Vet Award by leaving us a review online. Just follow this link [insert link here]”


Add the photo to a client email. Send it out along with instructions and a clear link. Keep the email free of any other news so that this is the main focus.

Which Link to Insert

The Best UK Vets award is claimed by the practice with the most 4 or 5 star online reviews left on either or So make sure you’re posting the link to your profile on that platform. Step by step instructions on posting the link direct to your review form can be found here:

Free Images