How email marketing can help retain vet clients

Client retention should be a high priority for every veterinary business but it can be a complex process to perfect. In addition to seeing your retention figures soar, understanding the ways in which you can use email marketing to your advantage in this respect will help you to grow your business in a myriad other ways too.

Why is email marketing such a powerful tool?

As new technologies have emerged, the marketing landscape has altered significantly over the past decade. One element that has maintained its position as a core component of a well-rounded and powerful marketing strategy, however, is email.

Failing to use email will ultimately mean than your business misses out on a variety of potential business opportunities. This is a highly persuasive channel that is particularly effective in building awareness, increasing conversions and enhancing client retention.


When executed correctly, there is something that feels inherently personal about email and there are a range of different techniques that can be used to drive the desired results. Email marketing strategies may come in many forms,  but email journeys work particularly well for veterinary businesses.

What is an email journey?

If your client is a new pet owner having recently acquired a new kitten or puppy, for example, you have an ideal opportunity to gradually send a set of emails directly to their inbox which highlight valuable information and offer helpful advice and tips as to how to navigate the early stages as the new family member settles in.

These emails can cover a wide range of different topics including vaccination and worming information, toilet training advice and tips on how to manage changing behaviours as their pet progresses into adulthood.

What are the benefits of pursuing an email marketing strategy?

Almost 4 billion people [1] use email worldwide and research shows that almost 75% of smartphone users [2] check their email more than once per day. Here are a few ways in which this powerful opportunity can benefit your business directly.

Low cost marketing

Many digital marketing strategies are costly however email is an inexpensive and effective way of reaching your clients and maintaining open channels of communication with them.


You can track exactly how many people opened and clicked through from your email. Driving traffic to your website and taking clients to dedicated landing pages can directly improve your conversion rates. You might want to share useful information or blogs, and you will drive more visitors to these resources through email.

Nurture important relationships

Sending frequent email correspondence is the best way to forge connections and nurture important client relationships. As a direct form of marketing, email is inherently far more personal and customisable than other channels including social media. Importantly, email also provides a way for your clients to contact you directly by return.

Gaining Feedback

Email follow ups after a visit are a great, timely way to gain feedback and grow your client reviews. Remember, reviews bring so much value to your reputation and help with building awareness, plus practices with the most 4 and 5 star reviews on have the chance to win a Best UK Vet Award.

Support owners on their pet parenting journey

Pet ownership isn’t always straightforward and your clients may need some additional support or guidance from someone they trust and who understands their needs. Your proactive professional advice will help you to instil confidence in your clients, reassuring them that they are making the right choices for their pet.

Establish yourself as an approachable expert

Most consumers want to engage with businesses they trust and this is particularly true for pet owners. A pet is very much a member of the family and by establishing yourself as a source of trustworthy information, your clients will come to you for help and advice whenever they experience an issue or concern.

Need help with email marketing?

If you would like some help setting up your email campaigns, whether it’s a regular newsletter, a promotional email or an email journey, our team can help. Give us a call on 02382 250 102 or email