How to make the most of your veterinary practice’s Google My Business profile

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for every veterinary practice that wants to remain competitive and visible in their local community.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the process of optimising the visibility of your online presence in search engine results pages (SERPs). There are many different tactics and strategies that can be leveraged within a wider SEO strategy, including on-page, off-page and local SEO.

There are also a number of tools that you can use to boost your online visibility in local SERPs, including Google My Business, recently renamed to Google Business Profile.

Why Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows local business owners to ensure that relevant information, such as opening hours, location and contact information, is highly visible in SERPs.

In addition to a URL and a short description of your business, your Google Business Profile can also display photographs, video content, your location on Google Maps and Street View, and importantly, reviews.

As such, Google Business Profile allows local businesses to connect with a much wider audience easily and efficiently directly through local SERPs.

So, let’s run through some key optimisation elements that we recommend paying close attention to.

Step 1: Claim your Google Business Profile

Your first step is to claim your profile and verify your business.

1. Visit ( and select the ‘manage now’ button.
2. Enter your practice or business name and the address of your practice.
3. Select the veterinary practice business category.
4. Enter the contact number for your practice and the correct URL for your website.

Google typically uses a few different methods of verification, however you likely won’t be able to choose. In most instances, you will receive a postcard to your practice address containing a code you can use to verify your business on your Google Business Profile dashboard.

Eligible businesses may also be able to complete the verification process by phone or email. If this is available to you, an automated phone call will provide you with your verification code.

Step 2: Update your practice details and opening hours

Accuracy is key when it comes to optimising your Google Business Profile, so take the time to ensure that all your business information is entered correctly, particularly your practice address, contact information and opening hours.

We also recommend spending time creating an engaging description, which is your opportunity to tell pet owners who you are and what you can offer. Don’t be tempted to incorporate a plethora of keywords here and instead focus on providing value to your audience create a connection.

3. Add clear photographs and videos

Adding a selection of high-quality photographs to your profile will instantly boost your credibility. We recommend including both exterior and interior images of your practice that include staff members, as this will tell pet owners a lot about what they can expect when visiting you.

It can also be valuable to upload some video content to your profile, such as a short walk-through of your practice or introductions to your team. Videos are capped at 30 seconds, so being concise here is essential.

4. Earn reviews and respond to them

Securing online reviews and testimonials for your veterinary practice is critical, particularly if there is a lot of competition for veterinary services in your local area. In addition to being helpful information for you to refine your internal processes to ensure that you’re providing the best possible service, customer reviews will also act as social proof and enhance the level of trust that local pet owners have in your practice.

We recommend responding to each review you receive, as this will demonstrate that you are attentive to your clients and eager to do everything possible to provide top-quality services. Receiving a negative review isn’t the end of the world; it actually provides you with a unique opportunity to problem-solve, make meaningful changes, and even win back the loyalty of dissatisfied customers.

5. Use Google posts

It can be helpful to view Google Posts as an opportunity to leverage free display adverts. Posts showcase a thumbnail image alongside a short description which, when clicked on, will transform into a full image with additional text. Posts will remain visible for seven days and if you have shared multiple at the same time, they will be displayed within an easy-to-navigate carousel.

There are several post templates that you can use to promote specific products, events, and special offers. Each template has different features, with event posts allowing you to select a title, date range, and a few lines of text. Alternatively, a ‘What’s New’ post provides four text lines, which equate to approximately 100 characters. However, you can also choose to include a call-to-action (CTA) button, which will replace one of those text lines.

A well-optimised Google Business Profile will allow you to make a strong first impression in SERPs and help you connect with your ideal pet owners in your community.

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