Instagram – Your Practice Needs It.

What is Instagram

A social media platform (owned by Facebook) totally focussed on photos and videos with captions. Original content is king here as you can’t share other images without a third party app.

Why is it good for vet practices?

People love photos of pets! So you have a LOT of potentially very popular original content at your disposal every single day.

Is it better than Facebook for vet practices?

One thing Instagram is better at then any other platform is engagement. It is much easier to get likes and comments on your Instagram posts than it is on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

But always try to look at your social media platforms as appealing to different audiences. For that reason it’s not better, just different.

4 Reasons you need an Instagram account

  1. Higher levels of engagement.
  2. Reach a different audience.
  3. Show a different side to your practice eg you could use your account to share behind-the-scenes photos and show off your staff. Or use it to share very professional or arty photos of pets.
  4. Great for local search.

How to use Instagram for Vet Practices

Posting to Instagram:

  1. Set up an account – use your practice name
  2. Write a bio – keep it short, friendly and informative
  3. Take a photo or video
  4. Write a caption
  5. Include hashtags – these are crucial to help people find your posts and account. See this post on hashtags for vets.
  6. Tag the post with a location (important! This means people in your area will find you more easily)
  7. And publish it. You can also click the button to share to Facebook but avoid sharing to Twitter as only the caption will be displayed in your Tweet (no image),

Building your Account on Instagram:

Good, original, interesting and unique content is the number one way to get noticed – which is quite refreshing! Hashtags and geo tagging (adding locations) to your posts will also help.

Also spend time finding local pet owners, follow them, like their posts and write genuine comments (do not be spammy).

You can advertise on Instagram too. You can do this directly from Instagram by promoting posts or via the backend of your Facebook account for more control over the audience.

Also link to it from your Facebook page and other social platforms and, of course, your website.

Need more help with your Instagram account?

We offer one to one training days on general social media or on one specific platform. Our training sessions are practical, informative and always run by motivating and enthusiastic experts. Email to find out more.