Internet Marketing Goals for 2017

1 Get a New Website

Not sure whether you need a new website or what the benefits are? This blog article explains

2 Hit 2500 likes on Facebook

We’ve actually just plucked this number from a hat – the number of likes your page should have will vary on size and type of your practice and your location. What we really mean by this is never stop building your page likes! When somebody likes your page you have a direct line of communication with them, whether an existing client keeping an eye out for news, new services or health alerts, or a potential client wanting to get a feel for your practice and an incentive to register. 

Facebook Ads are the number one way of building relevant likes on your page. A small daily budget with a well managed campaign will see your likes grow and your page come to life. This short blog post explains the benefits.

3 Win a ‘Top 25’ spot at the Best UK Vets Awards

Every practice in the UK Is eligible to win the Best UK Vets award. It is based on the number of positive online reviews you have. We have an overall winner as well as category winners (eg equine / mobile / hospital etc) and also the top 25 practices. All winners receive press packs for local publicity and other marketing materials. Read more about the Best UK Vets awards here.

4 Set up Instagram

More and more vet practices are starting to use Instagram and with great results. Read this post on how to use it for your practice and read this for hashtags for every day of the week

5 Collect more client email addresses

We still believe email marketing is underused by vet practices which is such a shame when it gives such great results. This year, start by building up your collection of client email addresses so you’re ready to start sending out email campaigns ASAP! Read this post on how and why your practice should be emailing.

We can help you with any of these goals and we can help you create your own goals and marketing strategy too. Take your online marketing seriously in 2017 and see great results! Contact us today.