New Name, Same Expert Team

By Susie Samuel, Managing Director

This is either going to be my last blog on, or my first on… in either case, I’d like to welcome you to the next stage of our journey. Our visionary new marketing manager, Alaina Roberts, realised that we were starting to outgrow the VetHelpDirectforVets brand. We all felt VetsDigital is a far better description of who we are, so that’s what we’re going to be transitioning our branding towards.

So what’s changing?

Very little at our end. We’re still the same team, and if you have an account with us, you’ll be dealing with the same account managers. We’ll still be offering the same services – from Directory and Best UK Vet to blogs and emails to Factsheets and the Symptom Guide.

In that case, why rebrand?

Because while we started out as “the team who made VetHelpDirect”, that doesn’t completely describe us any more. will, of course, continue as the “owner-facing” website, but as well as the reviews, Directory, Symptom Guide and Pet Health Library, we now do a LOT more for our client practices and businesses. As a business we are evolving and the growth of this agency side now requires its own identity. 

While we started out as a group of vets providing information to owners, we’ve grown in the last decade to a multidisciplinary team, with experts in strategic digital marketing, content, education, social media, paid ads and search engine optimisation, all positioned within a veterinary framework. We’re not just an information provider – and this brand change helps to reflect the forward-thinking, expert digital agency that we are now. 

So what do you do that’s different?

It’s probably fair to say that we are now Europe’s leading digital agency that specialises in the veterinary sector. We work with vet practices, pharmaceutical companies and other veterinary companies, to provide specialised digital services that they cannot source in-house. In particular, we can build and optimise your website, manage your online footprint, run your social media presence, provide live chat support to your clients, and supply you with up-to-date clinical content pitched at your clients. There are even some even more exciting projects that I’m looking forward to announcing in the coming months… so watch this space!

The reason we’re better at this than non-specialised agencies? Firstly, this is what we do! We have fifteen years’ experience in what works for animal owners, and what doesn’t. 

Secondly, we’re a solidly veterinary team. We’ve put vets and RVNs in the centre of the business, because we know what it’s like to be in practice. 

Thirdly, we collect and analyse data on everything we do. If we suggest something, it’ll be because it’s more likely to work than any of the alternatives. We help and support a huge range of practices, and all that expertise is at your fingertips when you pick up the phone to us.

But I liked the colour scheme…

Don’t worry – our striking pink, grey and blue isn’t changing… and if you’re really lucky you’ll see me and the team in our equally striking pink jackets at the London Vet Show, just like always…

So once again, welcome to the next stage of our journey! We’d love to help you to help your clients – and we think we can bring something really special.