16th November 2023 at 2pm

‘Is it time to move beyond the physical waiting room?’

 Is it Time to Move Beyond the Physical Waiting Room?

Synopsis: It has long been imagined that telemedicine might one day replace much of traditional, in-person veterinary care however during Covid we learnt that a broad-brush approach to this was not the answer. Now a more mature and digitally sophisticated veterinary model is emerging. Using case studies from some of the most innovative veterinary practices in the UK, we look in to how digitising and automating client communications can transform client care and education, scaling up operational efficiency and saving substantial time for the whole veterinary team.

In this thought provoking, two part talk we’ll look at the evolution of the modern pet owner’s journey and their digital touch points with a veterinary practice before they even step into the physical waiting room.

From harnessing the influence of social media and offering educational content to facilitating asynchronous communication through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS, as well as providing instantaneous support via RVN Live Chat, you will uncover how these tools redefine the client experience and accelerate the streamlining of practice operations