January Social Media Roundup

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The Rise Of TikTok As A Search Engine

According to a recent study conducted by Adobe, TikTok is becoming a popular choice for consumers seeking information, recipes, music, and more, effectively functioning as a search engine.

The research indicates that 40% of consumers currently utilise TikTok to discover and explore topics of interest or find the information they need.


20 Ways To Get More Views On Your IG Reels

Curious about boosting your views on Instagram Reels? Head to the link where you will find complimentary social media tips, unravelling the strategies employed by social media managers, creators, and seasoned Instagram professionals to enhance your reel viewership. Follow in the footsteps of experts, and you’ll naturally increase your watch numbers.

And if you’re looking for content inspiration, you can download our very own Instagram Posting Guide.


Facebook Reels Outperform Regular Videos x3

Did you know that Facebook Reels are outperforming standard videos threefold? If you haven’t already incorporated Reels or videos into your practice’s content strategy, now is the time. Test Reels briefly, then check your analytics to see the magic.

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Facebook Stories Are Being Shown In The Facebook Feed

There is more news on the Facebook front! When you scroll through your feed, you’ll spot ‘Stories’ from friends and pages you follow. This makes incorporating stories into your social media strategy even more crucial. Stories allow you to showcase your personality, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and keep your audience updated on the latest.

Plus, with the shift in social media user habits, where people tend to check Stories before scrolling through the feed, it’s prime time to make your mark and connect with local pet owners.


Sophie’s Social Media Tip Of The Month

Create your content with shareability in mind.

Social media is changing; more people are now sending private messages and sharing stories instead of posting on public feeds. Before sharing your story or posting, ask yourself whether a pet owner or client would find this compelling enough to share with their friends?