LinkedIn for veterinary businesses


LinkedIn is now so much more than just a site for people looking to take the next step on their career journey. It has evolved into a powerful tool helping businesses to nurture important B2B and B2C relationships and generate new leads that will positively impact their bottom line.

But, how?

Well, LinkedIn has more than 706 million users [1] across 200 countries worldwide. With figures like these, it should come as no surprise to learn that 30 million businesses have chosen to incorporate LinkedIn into their wider digital strategy.

LinkedIn offers a selection of integrated marketing tools suitable for veterinary businesses, which will help you to maximise the return on investment you’re getting from your marketing strategy. So, from telling your brand story to promoting career opportunities, engaging with your audience and increasing the reach of your word of mouth marketing strategy, a LinkedIn page can help you to:


  • Maximise your networking opportunities
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Ensure your team is comprised of strong individuals dedicated to delivering the best services to your clients.


In addition to ensuring each element of your LinkedIn page has been completed with the most up-to-date information including your brand imagery, location, company description, relevant hashtags to boost discoverability and encouraging your employees to list your business, here are a few ways maintaining a strong LinkedIn page can benefit your veterinary business.


Building and nurturing your network

High-quality content that has been created with the needs and wants of your audience in mind is an essential component of every digital strategy- this is no different on LinkedIn. Producing tailored content you know your audience will want to consume and sharing it on your LinkedIn page will help you to create a loyal community who may go on to share information about you with their networks. And don’t forget to always be aware of what content is trending with your target audience, so that you’re able to share timely, relevant articles that will be valuable to your community. 

As you post more content and interact with others on the platform, you will reach a larger percentage of your audience which will help you to continue to increase the size of your network. In addition to sharing authentic content, it is important to use the formats that suit your audience’s unique viewing preferences. 


Announcements and introductions

Got exciting news to share? Post about it!

Don’t forget to get your team involved with sharing your content, and of course, recognise and celebrate their achievements with personalised ‘shout-outs’ from the page. 


Some of the primary reasons why people choose to connect with businesses on social media are to learn about new services, benefit from discounted offers and promotions, be informed by experts, and respond with their own personal thoughts and opinions.  Recommendations and shares from ‘real’ people will always resonate more with your network then recommendations from a company. Think of your employees as your brand ambassadors and influencers.

Your LinkedIn page can become a place where your clients can come to gain a greater awareness of you as a company and the people who work for you, receive expert advice and tips, and learn more about how the services you offer will meet their needs. If you do this effectively, you will find it easier to drive high-quality traffic to your website and nurture leads and contacts in meaningful ways.


Standing out from the crowd

The veterinary business landscape is extraordinarily competitive and if you want to stand out from your competition, you need to do everything possible to capture the attention of your ideal audience. Your LinkedIn company description can emphasise the ways in which you differ from your competitors by giving your audience an insight into your company culture and sharing your vision, mission and values.

LinkedIn is also an excellent resource for researching your competitors. Visiting their pages frequently can help you to identify new opportunities to generate new leads, secure additional growth and refine your digital strategy.


Not sure if LinkedIn is a viable option for your business? Get in touch with our fabulous social media team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.