Reaching and connecting with your ideal clients using the Facebook Pixel

Reaching your ideal clients in an effective and efficient way is hugely important. You, understandably, don’t want to be paying more than is absolutely necessary to connect with your ideal clients.

But how does this desire translate into a tangible strategy?

With the industry only becoming a more competitive space to operate within, often only the smallest of margins separate the very best advertising campaigns from those that are merely average.

You could say that the stakes are somewhat high. But that doesn’t need to be viewed as another challenge or barrier to your success. Especially when there are so many strategies and tools available to you that can help you to reach the people you need to connect with; your ideal clients.

Facebook is a social platform that your practice should be utilising because it remains one of the most used and effective platforms to build and nurture an engaged community. The advertising and targeting capabilities Facebook offers are also beneficial for community-based veterinary practices, with options to suit all budgets and advertising aims.

If you’re using Facebook Ads (which you should be!) or are looking at incorporating that approach into your advertising strategy moving forwards, the Facebook Pixel is a tool that will allow you to maximise the results of your social spend.

Before we go any further, let’s first address…


What exactly is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that can be placed on to your website that uses cookies to track visitors as they engage with your Facebook Ads and your website. This code will provide you with a wealth of valuable data and will help you to:


  • track conversions made from your Facebook Ads
  • optimise your campaigns to drive better results
  • build target audience profiles for future advertising campaigns
  • remarket your offering to those who have already visited your website and responded to a call to action


Sounds great, right? But we imagine that you want to know exactly how the Facebook Pixel will support you to drive optimal results from your Facebook marketing strategy. So, let’s go.

Conversion tracking

It’s important to know how users go on to interact with your practice’s website after seeing an Ad on Facebook. Crucially, the Facebook Pixel allows you to track users activity across devices, which means you’ll be able to see if your audience is seeing your advertising on their mobile device but are choosing to switch to a desktop device to browse your site.


Data from the Facebook Pixel can be used in tandem with Dynamic Ads to re-engage users who have already visited your website. On a granular level, you could choose to display an Ad for the service they were looking at on your site as a reminder of your offering.

Conversion optimisation

Without the Facebook Pixel, you will only be able to optimise your Ads for link conversion. With the Pixel, however, you can choose to optimise for a variety of conversions or actions taken on your website, including preventative healthcare plan sign-ups and appointment booking which will better help you to push towards your practice business goals.

Audience expansion

The Pixel can utilise Facebook’s targeting data and allow you to create an audience comprised of people with similar demographics, interests, likes and behaviours to those who are already engaging with your website, Facebook Page or even an App.


If time is an issue, as we know it is for many practices, why not reach out to our specialist social media team for help with your online Ads? We have experts in all forms of advertising, including using the Facebook Pixel, ready and willing to help! Simply get in touch and Claire and her team will be happy to support you to achieve your business aims.