Respond and Engage – it’s a Facebook Must!

Your Facebook page should be full of comments, likes, photos and questions from your fans.

This engagement is not a ‘nice-to-have’…

This engagement is hugely valuable and an opportunity for you to turn real people into paying clients. Here’s how:

Whether a private message or a public question in a comment, always reply to questions on Facebook. Even if the answer is on your website, or clear on your Facebook page it is still important to respond.

If in a private message, quick responses will be rewarded as Facebook will give you a badge on your page letting fans know you are quick to respond to messages.

If the question was public, your response will not only answer and please the person who asked, it will also inform others and let them know that you are approachable and care about your clients.

When your fans comment on your posts it’s important to reward them for taking the time to do so. A simple ‘Like’ or a quick reply of thanks or agreement will do the job and make them feel valued and likely to comment again.

Visitors to your page can leave comments and photos. These will appear in a box on your page called ‘Visitor’s Posts’. Often your fans will post photos of their pets in here. Share these posts to your page for authentic content that will be sure to make them very happy!

You can do the same when fans add photos to their comments.

Your clients are all local, so engaging with other local businesses is a great way to grab attention and add value to your page for your fans.

Like local businesses’ pages, comment on their posts and share ones that would be relevant to your community too. If you do it right, those businesses will do the same to your content and open your practice up to more potential clients.

This is an opportunity that so many practices miss!

When you get a new online review, celebrate it! Follow this example.

Yes, we can! We have a team of RVNs who can provide all of the above for your Facebook page. Combining veterinary knowledge with expert digital marketing skills. They can be there for your page, relieving the pressure from you and your team without compromising on quality responses and engagement.

Contact us today to find out more.