A Guide to the New Facebook Layout

Have you noticed a big change to your Facebook page’s layout? Facebook have redesigned their business pages (profiles still appear the same) and we’ve written this post to talk you through the new design – and how to make the most of it.

Facebook is rolling out the new layout user by user so different members of your team may see your page differently until the rollout is complete, here is what to expect:

1 – Your profile photo has moved to the left hand side

2 – Your cover photo is no longer behind your profile photo, page name or call to action buttons, this means you have even more opportunity to use in this valuable space. Make sure to update yours and make the most of it.

3 – You can now see a menu with link to all your information and apps on the left hand side. This is brilliant as it’s so easy for visitors to see content from you.

4 – Your like / message / more buttons have moved to underneath your cover photo.

5 – Your call to action button is now bigger, and that definitely means better in this case.

6 – The type of business that you are is now more clearly displayed for your fans.

7 – There’s now a search box so fans can search for content in old posts without having to scroll down – brilliant!

8 – Your sections have moved to the right hand side to make way for the new menu on the left.

9 – Apps are still displayed in your sections as well as being in the menu (3) and you can still choose which three to display.

Everything works as it did before the layout change so there’s nothing new to learn – relief. We think the new layout is great, giving much more space for first impressions (in the cover photo and the call to action button), what do you think?