Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for RIGHT NOW

With all the changes to government guidance – and the different responses in the different UK nations – it can be hard to keep up with the latest news, let alone how you should be responding to it!

Fortunately, there are some very clear things you can be doing to keep your veterinary practice’s digital presence ticking over, whatever the state of lockdown we’re in. And we’ve broken them down into a really easy-to-follow list!


1 – Keep people up to date – potential new clients.

Make sure potential new clients know what you’re doing at every stage of the pandemic. You can now post COVID-19 updates from your Google My Business listing to keep your customers updated on any changes to services, hours, or provision. Keep this up to date as your range of services change as the situation evolves.

Remember, the first thing most people will see when they Google you is your My Business page – so while it can’t be a one-stop-shop, it should have the key information that a new client needs, easily available.

2 – Keep people up to date – existing clients.

Make sure your website doesn’t look abandoned! People rapidly lose trust in a business if their website doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground. Ensure any information relating to COVID-19 and provision of services is easily accessible from your home page. Keep your clients informed with regular, dated updates so that they feel confident they are receiving the most accurate information.


3 – Reach out to your client base

Consider your email marketing strategy for when restrictions are lifted. Are you likely to get an increase in new clients? New puppies and kittens on your books? Do you need to re-engage with current clients and reassure them of the value in preventative healthcare? Create targeted, personalised email content to address these areas – consider email journeys (a series of emails, triggered to go out at certain points) for longer term repeat engagement.


4 – Make social media work for you

Use Facebook or other social media posts to let your clients know how the provision of your services is changing day by day. Keep clients informed so they don’t need to call and tie up the phones. Videos always reach more people, try a daily update! Also remember to let your clients know which contact method you’d prefer them to use to keep the conversations flowing in a useful way, e.g. phone for advice or an appointment, but email for a repeat prescription.


5 – Use multiple communication channels to convey the same messages.

Look at the channels available for clients to contact you on – is it just the phone? Or can they email you, use Facebook Messenger and Live Web Chat? The more channels you can provide, the better. Use your channels to clearly communicate the best method of contacting the surgery depending on the service required by the client. For example, for all non-urgent enquiries, please email or use the online booking form to enable the phone lines to be kept open for emergency cases. 

Remember, not all your clients use or prefer the same channels to communicate – but many of them will use more than one, so make sure your message is consistent and clear.


Digital marketing isn’t an optional extra right now. Your clients need to be reassured that you’re still there for them. They’ll be anxious about themselves and their pets; potentially they’ll be worried about money, or the health of their families and neighbours. You can alleviate some of that anxiety by making sure they know that you’re still going strong, and being a friendly and trusted source of information.

Need a hand? Give us a ring on 02382 250102 and see what we can do to help or drop us an email! For more top tips, check out our brand new downloadable resource, 50 Veterinary Digital Marketing & Communication Tips for COVID-19 Recovery