Using email marketing as part of your client retention strategy

Although marketing is often presented as a process that will help you to attract prospective clients to your practice, it is instead important to view your marketing strategy as a funnel.


What do we mean by this exactly?

Well, your funnel should start by attracting a wide variety of potential clients to your website. From here you can establish a variety of touchpoints designed to incentivise the most qualified potential clients and further increase their interest in what you have to offer.

At the end of your marketing funnel, when you have successfully converted a potential client, it is essential to implement a retention strategy which will help you to boost your revenue on an ongoing basis.


What is retention?

Your work isn’t done when you effectively acquire a new client. You also need to implement tactics to encourage them to return to your practice. An effective retention strategy will allow you to successfully maximise the lifetime value of your loyal clients, who will have enough trust and respect for your practice to return time and again.


Why is email marketing essential to client retention?

As a method of direct marketing, email allows you to connect with your clients in an intimate and valuable way. In fact, email marketing is one of the best ways to build a loyal community that feels inclined to support your practice for life. Let’s explore how.


Optimise your onboarding process

The process of building lasting relationships begins with your client onboarding process, which is essentially the practise of transforming prospects into loyal clients. To do this effectively, you will need to instill trust in your offering and freely share your expertise to establish yourself as an authority within your niche.

Email is a critical component of this process, particularly as you can:

  1. Highlight case studies and testimonials
  2. Ask for client feedback and demonstrably act on it
  3. Share important information and news stories
  4. Highlight special events happening at your practice or valuable practice news.


Make a welcoming and friendly first impression

As first impressions are imperative, it is crucial to ensure your retention strategy is activated as soon as you welcome a new client (and their beloved pet!) A well-crafted welcome email can make your new client feel immediately valued.

Additionally, this is an ideal place to communicate the personality and identity of your practice. You could also include a welcome offer or gift, whether that is a free consultation or a downloadable guide related in some way to their pet.


Establish a memorable and valuable customer journey

Clients are much more likely to be loyal to a veterinary practice that demonstrates that they care at every opportunity. Even something as simple as sending out personalised email communications can contribute to this, so where possible, try to address each client (and their pet!) by name.

You can also tailor your email communications based on the past interaction that has occurred between your practice and your client. From tailored offers to relevant information and appointment reminders, sending considered communications will be appreciated and not just sent directly to the trash.


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