Using live chat as a new client acquisition tool

As coronavirus lockdowns took hold throughout 2020, we saw a marked increase in the numbers of people taking the opportunity to welcome new pets into their lives. This has provided veterinary practices with a variety of opportunities to engage with potential new clients and form meaningful connections that could have a range of lasting benefits to the practice and, importantly, to local pet owners who need to find a trusted source of information to support them on their journey into pet parenthood. 

Connecting with your ideal audience is an important part of ensuring your marketing investment is delivering the return on investment (ROI) you need to see. There are many ways to approach this, but today we want to explore why live chat is an avenue that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Live chat can help you connect with otherwise anonymous website visitors.

Live chat isn’t a new technology, but when it is integrated into a well-designed website with a clear focus on user experience, its strengths become particularly apparent. Consumer preferences are constantly in a state of flux but as a significant number of people actively prefer to access customer support via live chat, failing to invest in this aspect of your digital strategy could impact your bottom line.

Making a positive first impression is imperative for veterinary practices looking to expand their client base and successfully convert new leads. Live chat is an excellent tool to showcase how passionate you are about supporting clients to ensure their much-loved pets live healthy, fulfilled and happy lives. Without live chat, a significant percentage of visitors to your website would remain anonymous. So, in addition to helping you engage directly with your visitors, a live chat tool will also allow you to better understand what your ideal audience is looking for. As such, you will find it much easier to tailor your website in response to this invaluable knowledge.


Live chat can streamline your appointment booking and help you to make a positive impression.

As our live chat service is operated by Registered Veterinary Nurses, they have the ability to provide both clinical and general advice pertaining to pet health alongside helping your clients to book appointments and ensure they are properly registered with your practice. And all of this can be done with no time pressure – our average chat duration is around 12 minutes, and our team of RVNs can each comfortably handle up to 6 chats at once.

The fast-paced nature of the online environment has created a generation of consumers that want access to information and advice immediately. A live chat feature will allow your audience to communicate directly with your practice and ensure their questions are answered quickly and efficiently.

At a time when standing out from the competition is paramount, offering this service to your audience could well be the deciding factor that results in them choosing your practice over one of your closest competitors. Never underestimate the power of actively demonstrating to your audience that your practice will be there for them when they need you.

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