VetHelpDirect Communications Survey 2017

What digital media do you use as a practice? Facebook, Twitter? What about Snapchat? Instagram or Pinterest? Is Youtube seen as a social media channel by pet owners? Is a website important to client footfall? What do prospective clients see as the most important factors when choosing a practice?

The communications channels available are multiplying rapidly, and as a profession, we tend to be left behind. One paper published recently purported to describe client internet use – but it was based entirely on anecdotes gathered from vets.

We think that you need data before you can logically plan a digital media – let alone marketing – strategy. Unless you know what media your clients are using, and (perhaps more importantly) HOW they’re using them, how do you know where to focus your efforts?

At the moment, VetHelpDirect is gathering data for publication into the ways that animal owners use digital communications, and how they prefer to communicate with their vets (the survey link is here if you’re interested in spreading the word!). We’re hoping to publish next year, but the initial results are really interesting…


If you’d like to know more about how we can help you to use social and digital media to grow your client base and retain clients in the face of competition, then give us a call!