We’re in the final countdown…

Yes, it’s that time of year again… We’ve got just one month to go before the Best UK Vet 2018 is announced! And as usual at this time of year, the competition is tight, with several practices neck and neck…

So we’re suggesting a big drive on client reviews in the next three to four weeks – remember, the award goes to the practice with the most positive client reviews on VetHelpDirect or Any-UK-Vet over the previous 12 months.


What awards are there?

The overall winner receives a publicity boost (at our expense!) with local and specialist national press coverage, banner graphics for the website and social media presence, plus a ceremony, a certificate, a trophy, and a (physical) banner for reception. In addition, we’ll even pay £250 for your staff to have a team night out to celebrate!

There are also awards for the Runners Up, and some Best in Category awards – for example, we’ve had Best Scottish Vet, Best Equine Practice, Best Small Practice, and Best Mobile Vet in the past!


Why do you do this?

Ultimately, it’s because genuine client reviews are gold dust. Our research suggests that there are two metrics that almost EVERYONE uses when looking for a new practice to look after their animals – word of mouth from their community, and Online Reviews. Everything else comes a distant third. And at the younger end of the client base (in other words, tomorrow’s bonded clients), Online Reviews may even be more important than the opinions of friends, family and “experts”.

The whole point of the BUKV is to drive good reviews. Firstly, good reviews come from good service; but secondly, having plenty of good reviews attracts more people into the practice for you, and we really do want you to succeed!


So, how do we get more reviews?

Well, it’s your clients who have to submit the reviews – we go to a lot of trouble to prevent anyone gaming the system (for good or ill). But do your clients know that they can review you? Do you ask for review feedback? Do you follow up consults with an invitation to leave a review of how it went?

Firstly, we recommend a banner on your website, notification on your social media accounts, or even just a sign in reception, telling all your clients that you’d love to hear from them, and how to do it (if you want help with short-codes, give us a call!).

Secondly, you could build in a verbal reminder on reception – as clients pick up their medication, food, or whatever, your staff could remind them and invite them to leave a review. Some practices in the past have even installed a tablet computer on reception so clients can leave their feedback at the time!

Finally, how about a targeted campaign? Your practice management system can call up a list of everyone who’s visited the practice in the last week or so; why not arrange for an e-mailshot or text campaign inviting them to leave a review? If you’re interested, give us a call and we can help you set it up – or even run and analyse the mailshot for you.


Whatever you do, remember – the closing date for 2018 is 10th February!


If you want to know more about the BUKV Awards, or Online Reviews, please give Kim a call on 0845 4961 204 and she’ll be happy to help!