What’s happened to Instagram

(& a short guide to creating your first Reel)

You’ve probably noticed that there have been some major changes happening to Instagram which is keeping us on our toes. The platform seems to be making a concerted shift towards supporting and actively promoting video content. The increasing popularity of video sharing platforms such as TikTok have undoubtedly informed this shift, with the Meta-owned social media company stating that it is responding to the new ways in which people want to consume, interact with and share content.

Instagram has received a lot of criticism from creators, which prompted Adam Mosseri, the company’s chief, to share a video explaining that photos will continue to be supported however there are no plans to stop leaning into the potential of video content. Additionally, there are plans to roll out a full-screen display for both photo and video content but there is currently no indication when this feature will be good enough to be tested.

The advantages of posting video content on Instagram

Although the platform has faced a fair amount of backlash from influencers, celebrities and content creators for apparently trying to imitate TikTok, there are undoubtedly a variety of benefits that all types of businesses can experience by sharing this type of video content.

– Increase your reach

The data shows that audiences want to engage with and share video content more and more, which means that creating it can help your practice to connect with a much wider audience. By creating videos that receive high levels of engagement, you will find it easier to raise awareness of your practice and build an engaged community of pet owners who want to interact with your updates.

You can also incorporate location markers and tags within your video content, which will help you to boost your profile amongst a local audience of pet owners and this is a critical element of local search optimisation strategies.

-Bitesized promotional segments

Instagram Stories are one of the platform’s most successful features, particularly as additional interactive elements have been introduced. So, for example, you can incorporate polls or question boxes into your Stories, which will encourage engagement and conversation between you and pet owners.

It is also possible to use Stories to tease new services or products, as well as introducing your audience to your clinic team and offering behind the scenes glimpses of a day in the life at your practice. (Find some fun ideas here)

instagram reel

How to create your first Instagram Reel

Reels are another one of Instagram’s most popular features and can help you to create single or multi-clip videos that are up to 15 seconds long. The tool also includes the ability to add a variety of visual effects, captions, and audio materials to showcase your creativity and really get your message out there.

  1. Begin by selecting the ‘Reels’ option at the bottom of the Instagram camera.
  2. Next, you will see a selection of editing tools appear on the screen, which include a searchable audio library, visual effects, speeds, and countdown timers.
  3. You can record your reel as a single video clip or as a series of clips that you will then edit together. It is also possible to include photo and video content from your gallery.

When sharing your Reel, you can choose to post it to your Reels page but do ensure it is shared on your main feed and to your Stories which improves your chances of securing more views, comments, likes, and shares.

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