Why your website is your best sales tool right now

If we were to tell you that your website is your primary sales tool, you may initially assume that we have misspoken and what we actually mean to say is that your website is your primary marketing tool.

But no.

It’s true that it’s important to consider your marketing strategy when creating a website that will attract high quality, convertible traffic. But it’s also imperative to look at your website from a sales perspective because this will help you to produce and share the high-quality content your potential clients need to ultimately decide you are the best veterinary practice for them.

The purpose of your website is to show your potential clients:

  • WHY you do what you do
  • who you are
  • what you do
  • why your veterinary practice is superior to your competition
  • why your veterinary practice is the one they should trust with the care of their pets


Think about the last time you visited a beautifully designed website but couldn’t locate the information you were looking for? You probably opted to look elsewhere and that is exactly what your potential clients will do if your website doesn’t present them with the information they want, precisely when they want it.

In addition to generating leads, your website also needs to help you to make as many conversions as possible both speedily and efficiently. Let’s look at some of the things your website needs to do in order to make those all-important conversions.


Your website should be an effective lead generation tool

Generating leads is a key component of successfully attracting new clients. There are diverse ways of doing this, including running social media ad campaigns and creating a strong email marketing campaign. These approaches are highly effective, but in addition to this you need to be creating content your potential clients need to inform their decision-making processes in order to see your practice thrive.

Creating warm, engaging, informative content that demonstrates your practice is staffed by qualified and knowledgeable veterinary professionals will give your potential clients reason to trust you. Additionally, by creating content that directly addresses concerns, questions or issues they may be facing, you will illustrate that you are in-tune with your clients’ needs and are able to meet those needs and offer solutions.

By approaching content creation from a sales perspective you are instantly more likely to create articles, videos and social media posts that your potential clients want to see. While marketing teams might focus on communicating creatively, a sales expert will always include information your clients care about, such as the prices associated with particular services, which services or treatments are most beneficial for specific issues, and how services and/or products compare to one another.

And it’s not just content that needs consideration when it comes to your website. What tools do you have available to make clients’ or prospective clients’ lives easier? Do you have online appointment booking? Do you have Live Web Chat? Web chat alone can be a valuable tool to engage with (and in many instances convert) otherwise anonymous website visitors.


Creating content with conversions in mind

Your website should be a key resource for your practice. Often the best way to create the most beneficial content is to put on your ‘sales hat’ and ask yourself, “how would you respond to particular questions your potential clients are likely to ask?” Using these questions as a prompt when creating on-site content will ensure you are delivering the information required to effectively acquire new clients.


Remember, it’s one thing to have a beautifully designed website, but it’s another thing entirely to have a beautifully designed website that contains easily accessible  information that your potential clients need to choose your practice over your competitors. If you need further guidance on your website, would like a free audit or advice from our team of experts, please get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to help.