Your Facebook Page, Our Helping Hand


Veterinary practice’s in the UK are leading the way on Facebook – we think you’re doing it better than ANY other country! So before we go on, a massive congratulations to Britain for having such tech savvy vet teams!

The Competition

Although that does mean one thing – you have competition from your neighbours! But a bit of healthy competition is no bad thing, just make sure you’re winning 😉 

Facebook pages in the veterinary industry have become thriving hubs of activity – generating discussions and communities and drawing attention to you in the most natural and meaningful way possible online. Facebook really does act like word of mouth recommendations on a huge scale.

A Helping Hand

If you think your page needs a bit of a lift, or you want you and your team to get some advice or training on how to make it shine, we can help. We work alongside practices to provide the elements you need most and we also provide face to face training and workshops. 

To give you an idea, here is a breakdown of a few of our Facebook products:


We have various posting packages, such as Posts 365: Posts every day of the year published to your Facebook page. Your account manager will be in regular contact to discuss your business aims and practice activities, ensuring we deliver content that works for your practice, or if you are very short on time we will plan the content on your behalf. The posts will include a variety of media – images (with your logo included), videos, links and text. The content is also varied, including posts about your practice, veterinary advice, funny posts, helpful information and news. The page will have a lot of interesting variety, keeping your clients engaged.

Post packages from £95 p/m.


Facebook ads drive traffic to your page and your posts, they build up your likes and increase your engagement. In our opinion, they’re a must have.

From £105 p/m including ad budget.

Respond & Engage

With various Respond & Engage packages our most popular is 365 Respond & Engage: Checking your page every day of the year (9am – 5pm) and answering questions, replying to or liking comments, sharing posts from clients and generally managing your Facebook community to make sure they continue to engage.

Respond & Engage packages from £95 per month.


Making your page extra special. Building Facebook apps (such as a pet gallery, memorial page, review tab, firework phobia tab, nurse clinics tab, weight plan etc), creating bespoke cover photos to keep your page fresh, running competitions etc.

Mee-WOW from £140 per month.


We can come to your practice and train your whole team for using Facebook and creating marketing strategies that really work.

Prices vary, please contact us to discuss your aims.

Find out More

To find out more about our Facebook management services, click the lovely big button below or contact us, we’re always happy to help!