Which Social Media Platform is Best for my Veterinary Practice?

Finding the right time and the right place for your veterinary practice’s digital marketing

pet owner on phone with dog

One of the most impressive things about a digital marketing strategy is that you have complete control over every element. Although that might sound overwhelming, it’s actually a positive thing. After all, you get to control the messaging, the tone, the visuals and, importantly, the time and place you choose to share.

Why does this matter to my veterinary practice?

You need to know that your messaging is best placed to connect with your ideal audience (clients) in ways that will prompt engagement. Because if it isn’t, you’re going to be sinking a lot of time and effort into digital marketing efforts that your audience aren’t ever going to see. So, your practice must be taking steps to meet your audience exactly where they are.

But what does that mean exactly?

In reality, it is relatively safe to assume that, right now, this means using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and other digital channels such as blogs and email newsletters to reach your clients and other local pet owners.

Your audience probably isn’t on TikTok or Twitter YET. But the keyword here is still: why?
Eventually, you may want to start expanding the social presence of your practice. But doing so comes with a warning.

Targeting additional social media or digital platforms is only something that should be undertaken if:

1. You have the resources to dedicate to it.

2. You are sure that branching out will allow you to connect with a higher percentage of your target audience.

Essentially, if you can’t give each channel 100%, you shouldn’t even be considering it as an option.

Why not?

Establishing and maintaining an effective presence on social media is no easy task. Building your audience is complex and retaining their interest is an ongoing task you’ll need to master.

Creating social media profiles and channels without properly considering whether you have the time to dedicate to making them a success could prove to be detrimental to your practice’s online presence.

Think about it. Suppose you were interested in a business with half-finished social media profiles and never responded to their audience. Would you view it as a credible or trustworthy business that you would want to give your custom to? The answer is, clearly, absolutely not.

Your veterinary practice deserves the best, which may mean channelling your focus towards one or a small selection of social media profiles to start with.

Please don’t view this as a barrier but rather see it for the opportunity that it is.

Work on building a loyal audience by consistently creating and sharing content designed to solve their problems and demonstrate that you are a forward-thinking practice with your client’s best interests and local pet owners in mind. Consistency is the key here.

This way, if you do decide to branch out to other platforms, your existing loyal audience may also opt to keep up with your messaging in more than one place.

Although your digital content should represent every facet of your veterinary practice, from staff to patients to client education, it’s vital to remember that each content must also be designed to appeal directly to your target audience- local pet owners.
Don’t risk being left shouting into the digital ether with no response and zero return on your financial and time investment.

Not sure where to focus your valuable time and energy in 2022? Don’t worry our digital experts are here to help!

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